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Health Issues in Marriage

Throughout your marriage there will be times when one of you is feeling under the weather. Here's help on dealing with health issues in your marriage.
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  2. Smoking and Marriage (4)
  3. Health Impact of Marriage (5)

In Sickness and in Health
From the About.com Arthritis Guide.

Bickering Isn't Healthy for Your Marriage
A study by Ohio State University revealed that being in a troubled marriage is bad for your health. Although other studies have reported marital stress being bad for your health, this study focuses on the production of proinflammatory cytokines and the negative long-term consequences of bickering on a person's health.

What to Do When Your Spouse Won't See a Doctor
When you can see that your spouse isn't feeling well or has obvious medical problems, it is natural to worry. That worry increases when your spouse won't see a doctor. Here's what you can do and what you shouldn't do when your spouse refuses to get medical help.

A Bad Mood is Contagious
If either you or your spouse are in a bad mood, there are two realities you should face.

ADD and Marriage
Two people, both with ADD, can have a good marriage if you keep the lines of communication open, and if you don't try to coach one another.

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer's
Help from Esther Heerema, About.com Guide to Alzheimer's/Dementia, on how to have a healthy relationship with someone who has Alzheimer's.

11 ADD/ADHD Behaviors That Could Be Killing Your Marriage
Many times an adult is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD after a child is diagnosed. Then light bulbs go off in the other spouse's head as behaviors that hurt and sabotage the marriage are recognized as symptoms of ADHD and not a lack of caring or motivation.

Living With an ADHD Spouse
What is it like to live with a spouse with ADHD/ADD? Do you have any tips for others in the same situation? Please share your tips and experiences.

Ways to Support Your Wife Through Menopause
Marriage relationships can suffer when a wife goes through menopause. Knowing the symptons, understanding the physiological and emotional psychological changes, and supporting your wife's treatment decisions are a few of the ways to support your wife as she experiences menopause.

When the Bug Bites
Suggestions and Hints for Dealing with Ill Spouses

How to Survive when Your Spouse has the Flu
Your best friend in the world has the flu and just turned into a whimpering, demanding, annoying stranger. It doesn't have to mean the end of your marriage.

Bad Moods
When either you or your spouse are in a bad mood, the crabbiness can be contagious. How do you break a bad mood? Share your experiences.

In Sickness....
According to a recent survey sponsored by Bayer Corporation, it's still Dr. Mom to the rescue!

For Some, Weight Loss Could Hurt Their Marriage
If you've lost weight and your spouse is sabotaging your weight loss or being more negative or controlling in your marriage, your spouse may be intimidated, jealous, or threatened by the healthier, thinner you.

Walking Together
One step after another, walking together is a great way to connect with each other. Here are some more reasons to walk together and some tips to make walking together a pleasant experience.

Create a Living Will Today
Husbands and wives have a responsibility to one another, and to their children, to discuss and write down their thoughts and feelings about continuing life-sustaining treatment if they are unable to make decisions for themselves.

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