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Walking Together -- Another Way for Married Couples to Connect With Each Other

Walking Together is Good for Your Marriage -- Reasons to Walk Together and Tips


Photo ©  Bob Stritof
Photo © Bob Stritof
The benefits of walking on a regular basis are well documented. Many walkers believe that walking is not only good for their hearts and bodies, walking is also good for their marriage.

One step after another, walking together is a great way to connect with each other.

Reasons to Walk Together

  • Walking is good exercise for both of you.
  • Walking together gives the two of you some time alone, or if you take the kids with you, time outdoors as a family.
  • Walking together provides time to talk to one another without the distraction of telephone, television, computer, etc.
  • Walking together can reduce anxiety and make you feel calmer.
  • Walking is good for your hearts.
  • Walking can help you both lose weight.
  • Walking can reduce any pain either of you may have in your lower-back.
  • Aside from needing some comfortable walking shoes, walking is inexpensive.
  • Walking helps you both get to know your own neighborhood.
  • Walking together can help you get to know your neighbors who are also walking. Some may be walking kids to or from school or to the park to play. Some neighbors may be exercising their dogs. Some of your neighbors may be fitness walkers while others are just out for a stroll.
  • Having lots of walkers in your neighborhood makes it a safer place live.
  • Walking helps the two of you slow down.
  • The two of you may find that you both are able to discover solutions to problems and ideas for projects while you are walking.
  • While walking you both will be more aware of the sound of birds, the beauty and fragrance of flowers, the majesty of trees, the joy in children's voices, and the awesome sense of creation around you. This heightened awareness can also extend to your love for one another.

Walking Together Tips

  • Don't take your headphones with you. Use the time you are walking together to talk to each other!
  • Do some stretching together before you begin your walk and when you end your walk.
  • Discuss what you will do if one of you wants to walk faster than the other. Some couples compromise on this by walking the slower speed on half of the walk, and then agreeing to let the spouse who wants to walk faster to do so on the way back home.
  • Schedule time for the two of you to walk together. If you don't make time for walking together, you'll never work it into your busy days.

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