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Marriage History

Although many view marriage as a private expression of their love for one another, for centuries matrimony has been a very public institution impacted by tradition, culture, religion, and laws. Throughout the centuries, the institution of marriage has been changing and continues to change. Learn about marriage in ancient Egypt, during the Roman Empire, throughout the Medieval period, and during the 19th Century.
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  2. Roman Marriage (2)
  3. Medieval Marriage (6)
  4. Ancient Egyptian Marriage (6)
  5. 19th Century Marriage (1)

Define Marriage -- What is Marriage?
With the same-sex marriage debate going on, many people have defined marriage while others have asked "What is marriage?" Some of the definitions refer to marriage as a legal contract, as a right, as a spiritual bond, as part of God's plan, and more. How do you define marriage? Share your definitions.

Marriage Definition
Definition of marriage.

Married Popes Throughout History
Although there isn't much detailed information about the early popes, there is historical evidence that some popes were married.

Marriage History Quiz
Test your knowledge of marriage history with this quiz.

"Domestic Revolutions" Review
With all the controversy over same-sex marriage today, reading about the history of marriage and family may help shed some light on the issue. "Domestic Revolutions" shows how the American family has been adapting to societal changes throughout the last three hundred years.

Sexist Vintage Ads: Outdated Advertisements Directed At Husbands And Wives
These advertisements from not so long ago are truly cringe worthy.

Marriage in Early Ireland
Here is an explanation of the three main types of marriages in early Ireland.

Marriage History
Different periods of time and different cultures have very different histories when it comes to marriage. Here is a quick glance at the history of marriage.

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