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The holidays are a great opportunity to make traditions in your family life and to take time to reflect on and rejoice in your marital relationship.
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  2. Christmas (11)
  3. Holiday Survival Tips (7)
  4. Marriage Day (7)
  5. New Years (9)
  6. May Day Celebration (8)
  7. Reunions (4)
  8. Mother's Day (3)
  9. St. Patrick's Day (5)
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  11. Valentines Day (15)

Gift Giving
Gift giving and the holidays go hand in hand. Here are suggestions to help you give meaningful gifts to your spouse.

Telling the Story Behind Traditions
It is important as you decide on which traditions to follow during the holidays, that you both understand the meaning and story behind the traditions you are considering celebrating.

Delight in One Another
April Fools Thoughts

Thanksgiving Day Ideas for Couples
If Thanksgiving Day for the two of you doesn't match the ideal and is a day of stress and turmoil in your marriage, check out some of these ideas for making the holiday both more meaningful and less chaotic.

Leap Year Traditions
This is the year for women to propose!

Memorial Day Meanderings
When was the last time you took a trip to a cemetary for the sake of your relationship?

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