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How To Know if Your Common-Law Marriage Is Legally Recognized

Since common-law marriages are recognized in only a few states in the United States, it is important that you understand the requirements other than living together which would establish your common-law marriage as being legal.

How to Know if You Are Being Abused

Domestic violence occurs when a dominating spouse, through emotional or physical abuse, creates an environment of fear that prevents the other spouse from freely choosing how to live their life. Here are questions to ask yourself to determine if you are being abused.

How To Rebuild Trust in Your Marriage

When your spouse has done something to break your trust, rebuilding that trust in your marriage can be difficult. Here's help.

How To Survive the First Two Years of Marriage

If you lose the romance early in your marriage, your marriage has low odds for surviving.

How To Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home for Your Spouse

Remember that you don't have to have a special occasion to host a romantic dinner for your spouse. Set aside the excuse you can't cook.

15 Essential Tips About Proposing Marriage -- How To Propose Marriage

When you propose marriage, make sure to keep it simple and remember you are creating a memory to last a lifetime.

How To Make Mutual Decisions

The decisions the two of you make throughout your marriage are hopefully mutual decisions. If they aren't, here's help in making decisions together.

How To Cope When You've Learned Your Spouse Is Unfaithful -- How to Respond

When you first realize that your spouse has cheated on you, your feelings of heartache and anger can cloud you making healthy decisions. Here's help in initially coping with an unfaithful spouse.

Tips To Keep Your Long Distance Marriage Healthy

If the two of you have to live apart due to jobs, health or family issues, here is help in keeping your marriage strong even though you are in a long distance relationship.

How To Know When to Call It Quits When You Wonder if You Should Stay or Go

Do you think you are at the point of wanting a divorce? If so, how do you know it is time to throw in the towel and file for divorce?

How To Have Quality Time in Your Marriage

Don't let your job or the kids or volunteer work or time with friends and extended family interfere with your marriage. Here's how to make quality time for one another.

How To Fight Fair in Your Marriage -- Conflict Management in Marriage

Arguments and fights are a reality in most marriages. The key is to fight fairly.

How To Marry a Prisoner

Marriage to a prisoner involves jumping through many legal hoops and possibly experiencing a lot of heartache. Here's help in knowing what to do and who to contact if you want to marry a prisoner.

How To Get Married at Sea

Do you want a romantic wedding at sea? If so, be prepared to jump through many hoops before you can have an official marriage.

How To Cope After the Death of Your Spouse

Here's coping suggestions to help you after the death of your spouse.

How To Help Your Spouse Survive a Heart Attack

Here's information on helping your spouse survive a heart attack.

How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive in Your Marriage

Sex doesn't have to get boring in marriage. As the years go by, your sex life should get better. Here are some ways to keep your marriage and sex life fresh.

How to Know if You Are an Abusive Spouse

Here are questions to ask yourself to determine if you are abusive towards your spouse and children.

How To Survive the Second Half of Your Marriage

As your nest starts to empty out or refill, you will find yourselves realizing that your roles are changing. New challenges, new irritations, new frustrations, new discoveries await.

How To Stand Up for YOUR Marriage -- Do Yourself a Favor and Speak Positive

Do you ever find yourself talking negatively about your marriage or your spouse because others are discussing how horrid their marriages are? Marriage gets a bad reputation because people don't stand up for marriage. Do yourself a favor. Take a stand. Make a difference.

How To Recognize Soul Mate Characteristics in Your Marriage

If you believe in the soul mate concept, there may be times you question your marriage. Here are soul mate characteristics that can be in a marriage.

How To Handle a Crisis Together

Every marriage will go through times of crisis. Some marriages will be strengthened by a crisis, others will be destroyed. Here's help in avoiding having your marriage relationship hurt by loss and devastation.

How To Be a Super Couple -- Have It All As a Married Couple

Here's help in being a super couple and having a successful marriage at the same time.

How To Share What is in Your Heart With Your Spouse

By sharing what is in your heart, your feelings, with your spouse, you can achieve deeper intimacy. Here is a simple how to on how to share your feelings.

How To Know if Your Spouse Is Having a Cyber Affair

Are you concerned and suspicious that your spouse is having a cyber affair? If your spouse's behavior has changed in these ways, then there could be a problem with cyber sex.

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