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Humor Guidelines

Yes, laughter is a great medicine, but teasing and joking in your marriage can be hurtful, too. Here are guidelines for keeping the humor in your marriage healthy.

Share Your Experiences About Standing Up for Your Marriage
If you are offended when someone is putting down marriage just to be funny or witty, make a difference by standing up for marriage. Not only will you stand up for marriage in general, you will stand up for YOUR marriage. Share your experiences about standing up for your marriage.

Laughter and Humor
One of the great joys of marriage is the time that you, as a couple, spend laughing together and enjoying your sense of humor. Here are the benefits of laughter and humor, and ways to increase laughter in your marriage.

Laughter Poll
Couples who can laugh at themselves or at their situation usually feel stronger when problems arise. Do you and your spouse laugh together?

April Fool's Thoughts
Could your tricks and jokes hurt your marriage?

Do You Wish the Teasing Would Stop?
Even if said in jest, some jokes just aren't funny. For many of people, some areas of their lives are off limits when it comes to teasing and joking. Here are some guidelines for teasing.

Having a Good Laugh
A look at how humor is a natural part of your marriage and how to keep the humor balanced and not harmful.

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