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Here are some profiles of infamous, notorious marriages.

Marriages of Phil Spector
Phil Spector has been married three times. Two of his marriages ended in divorce and his present marriage is to a much younger woman while he is in prison.

Dorothy and Jerry Sandusky Marriage Profile
Questions surround Dottie about what she knew or didn't know about Jerry's alleged sexual child-abuse.

Shellie Dean and George Zimmerman Marriage Profile
The legal issues for George and Shellie Zimmerman got more complicated with the arrest of Shellie for perjury.

Safia Farkash and Muammar el-Qaddafi Marriage Profile
Safia Farkash and Muammar el-Qaddafi have been able to keep their private life and marriage out of the news.

Marriages of Osama bin Laden -- Osama bin Laden's Wives
Osama bin Laden was Public Enemy #1 and the most wanted man in the world. His death raises questions about his personal life and his six marriages. Here is information about his five wives and one annulled marriage.

Nancy and Phillip Garrido Marriage Profile
Unlike Rosemarie Fritzl's denial of her husband's cruel enslavement of their daughter, Nancy Garrido was a partner with her husband Phillip Garrido in the abduction, rape, and imprisonment of Jaycee Lee Dugard.

Beryl Hovious and John Dillinger Marriage Profile
One of America's most notorious criminals, John Dillinger showed his soft side in letters to his young bride, Beryl Hovious. Here is information about their short marriage and how it ended.

Rosemarie and Josef Fritzl Marriage Profile
Questions concerning what Rosemarie Fritzl knew or suspected about the 24-year enslavement of her daughter will probably continue for the rest of her life. Now estranged from her husband Josef Fritzl, Rosemarie has chosen to not testify at her husband's trial. Here is information about the 53-year marriage of Rosemarie and Josef Fritzl.

Ruth and Bernard Madoff Marriage Profile
After being married for over 40 years and developing a successful partnership, Ruth and Bernard Madoff could possibly lose everything due to the federal investigation of Bernard's $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

The Marriages of Sunny von Bulow
Although her nickname "Sunny" was said to come from her sunny disposition, Martha "Sunny" von Bulow's sunny disposition did not help her with her two unhappy marriages. Both marriages ended in divorce, although she was in a coma when her second husband divorced her.

Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson Marriage Profile
Even before Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson married, there were red warning flags in their tragic marriage. Hopefully, Nicole's story will help women in abusive situations to recognize and break the cycle of violence.

Do You Think the Verdict in the Mary Winkler Trial was Correct?
Poll -- Do You Think the Verdict in the Mary Winkler Trial was Correct? Although there was no doubt that Mary Winkler shot and killed her husband Matthew in the back while he was asleep, the jury was apparently sympathetic to her testimony of sexual, verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. The verdict of voluntary manslaughter was a surprise to many.

Richard and Lisa Marie Nowak Marriage Profile
How difficult it must be for Lisa Marie Nowak's husband and children to see her image and bizarre story on the news channels and in the newspapers. Here is information about the marriage of Lisa and Richard Nowak.

Ted Haggard and Gayle Alcorn Marriage Profile
When Pastor Ted Haggard first responded about allegations of methamphetamine use and a 3-year homosexual relationship with a male prostitute, his response was denial. Later when confronted with evidence in support of the allegations, he admitted to purchasing the meth and having a massage. The possibility of losing his job and his reputation is...

Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter Marriage Profile
Since their wedding, the marriage of Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter has been in the spotlight surrounding the fall of Enron. Here's more information about their marriage and Jeffrey's previous marriage to Susan Long.

Charles Roberts and Marie Welk Marriage Profile
Both the nation and Charles Roberts' wife and family are trying to understand his motives for killing young girls on October 2, 2006 in an Amish schoolhouse shooting in rural Pennsylvania. Here's information about his marriage to Marie Lynn Welk.

Warren Steed Jeffs and Polygamy
Warren Steed Jeffs, the polygamist leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that has 10,000 followers, has numerous wives and nearly 60 children. He was put on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List in May, 2006 and arrested on August 29, 2006 north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is more information about Jeffs and his...

The Marriages of John Mark Karr
John Mark Karr, a divorced father of 3 children, confessed to the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. Here is background information about his failed marriages to teenage girls.

Matthew and Mary Winkler Marriage Profile
More information has been released about the possible motive for the killing of Matthew Winkler by his wife of 10 years, Mary Freeman Winkler. Here's more information about Matthew and Mary Winkler and possible motives for his murder.

Andrea Yates Poll
On July 26, 2006, Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the drowning deaths of her children. Charges of child endangerment and negligent homicide were never filed against Russell Yates. Do you think justice has been served in the murder case of the five Yates children?

Kenneth and Linda Phillips Lay Marriage Profile
Linda Phillips Lay was with her husband throughout his legal problems and court hearings. With the sudden death of Kenneth Lay, Linda will now be facing the legal system and civil suits with the support of her children and step-children. Here's information about how Kenneth and Linda met, their blended family, and more.

Marriages of Saddam Hussein
Documentation reveals two marriages for Saddam Hussein, although rumors abound that he has two other wives. Here's information we could verify about Saddam Hussein's marriages and children.

Russell Yates and Laura Arnold Marriage Profile
Russell Yates married Laura Arnold a few days before his ex-wife's second murder trial.

Randy and Bobbi Parker Marriage Profile
Here's information about the marriage of Randy and Bobbi Parker and their reunion after being separated since her 1994 kidnapping.

James and Maya Frey Marriage Profile
After writing a controversial best seller, James Frey has managed to keep information about his wife and daughter private. We wonder what Maya Frey's reaction was to learning that her husband had been lying for several years. This must be a difficult time in their marriage.

George Hyatte and Jennifer Forsyth
What was the Tennessee Department of Corrections thinking when they allowed Jennifer Forsyth to marry George Hyatte? Although the official policies state that a former employee can't even visit for 24 months, they gave these two permission to marry 9 months after she was fired knowing that he was a smooth talking ladies man with a history of using women to aid in his escape attempts! Here's information about when this notorious couple married, and more.

Dennis and Paula Rader
Information about Dennis Rader, aka the BTK Killer, and his wife Paula and their two grown children.

Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler
In July, 2005, after 3 months of deliberations, the Jerusalem rabbinical court validated the proxy marriage of Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler.

Russell and Andrea Yates Profile
Information about the marriage of Russell and Andrea Yates, and the tragedy of the murder of their five children by Andrea.

The Ignored Red Flags in the Letourneau Marriage
Did Mary Kay and Steve Letourneau ignore red flags in their relationship? Will she continue to ignore red flags in future relationships?

Tareq and Michaele Salahi Marriage Profile
Seeking fame, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, now separated, have a collection of incidents ranging from their expensive wedding, to crashing a dinner at the White House, to creating conflict on a reality television show.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun Timeline and Marriage Profile
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married for only one day before they both committed suicide. Here is information about the Hitler-Braun relationship and marriage.

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