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Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler


In July, 2005, after 3 months of deliberations, the Jerusalem rabbinical court validated the proxy marriage of Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler. Yigal Amir is serving a life sentence for the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on November 4, 1995.


Yigal Amir: Born in 1970 in Herzliya, Israel. Yigal grew up in a middle class home at 56 Borochov Street in the Neveh Amal neighborhood in Herzliya. His parents, Geula and Shlomo Amir were immigrants from Yemen.

Larisa Trembovler aka Larissa Trimbobler: Born in Russia. She is a haredi immigrant from the former Soviet Union.

How Amir and Trembovler Met:

Depending on which article is read, Trembovler met Amir in March 2001 when he was in prison or years earlier in Russia when Amir was there teaching Judiasm. Some reports state that they started corresponding in 1997.

Amir and Larisa's relationship intensified two years before their marriage by writing letters and talking on the telephone. She contacted him because of her ideological support for him.

Reason for Wanting to Marry:

Trembovler says she married Amir out of love and sympathy for his plight.

The Prison Authority has expressed security concerns of Amir using private conjugal visits as a way to pass information through Trembovler to outside contacts.


Both Amir and Trembovler practice orthodox Judaism.


Jewish law permits a prospective husband to give a type of power of attorney to someone he chooses to represent him at his wedding. This representative has the full legal authority of the husband to give a wedding ring or some other asset to the bride thus creating a contractually valid marriage.

Amir and Larissa were married in August 2004 by using a messenger who visited Amir in his cell. As a stand in for his son, Amir's father blessed the bride.


Trembovler has a Ph.D. in medieval Jewish and Arab philosophy, and a MA in biology from Moscow University.

Yigal Amir was a third year law student at Bar-Ilan University at Ramat Gan, just outside Tel Aviv.


Larisa Trembovler published a novel with her ex-husband, A Mirror for a Prince. At one time she taught at the Open University. She also works as an editor and translator of scientific material.

Amir is a right wing idealist and convicted murderer.


Amir is serving a life sentence at Beersheba Prison for the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on 11/4/1995 at a Tel Aviv peace rally. There is no chance for parole.

Amir was in solitary confinement with 24-hour camera monitoring. He is allowed one 15-minute visit per week by one relative and a 15-minute phone call once each day.

In October 2008, after conducting interviews without prior departmental permission, Amir was "moved to a higher-security prison where his phone calls, family visits, and conjugal visits have been revoked."
Source: "Fury over Rabin killer TV interviews." Cnn.com. 10/31/08.

In spite of the recent validation of their marriage, the Prison Authority repeated that Amir and Trembovler will not be allowed to have conjugal visits since such visits are a priviliege and not a basic right.

Previous Marriages:

In 1987, Trembovler married Binyamin ??. His last name is generally not printed in news reports to protect their children. They divorced in 2003 so Larisa could marry Amir. She says that she and Binyamin are still good friends.


Trembovler has four children ranging in age from 15 to around 3. There are three girls and a boy.


Larisa, when asked what she thought of the assassination of Rabin: "What do you expect me to say? I'm sure you don't expect me to come out with a flurry of condemnations of the man I intend to marry, do you?"
Source: Jewish Media Resources
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