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Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun Timeline and Marriage Profile


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Information about the Suicides of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun
Adolf Hitler Asleep

Adolf Hitler asleep in an armchair watched by his mistress Eva Braun, circa 1940.

Photo: Keystone / Getty Images

How and When Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler Died


Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler killed themselves on April 30, 1945 in an underground bunker at the New Reich Chancellery aka Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, Germany.

Hitler shot himself and Eva committed bit into a cyanide capsule. Hitler was 56 and Eva was 33 when they died.

According to Hitler's orders, soon after their deaths, their bodies were burned in a shallow trench in the garden of the Reich Chancellery.

Albert Speer: "In the first half of the month of April, Eva Braun unexpectedly and unbidden arrived in Berlin and declared that she would not leave Hitler's side again. Hitler urger her to return to Munich, and I too offered her a seat in our courier plane. But she obstinately refused, and everyone in the bunker knew why she had come. Figuratively and in reality, with her presence a messenger of death moved into the bunker."
Source: Albert Speer, Eugene Davidson. Inside the Third Reich. 2009. pg. 465.
Traudl Junge: "She [Eva] is wearing the Fuhrer's favourite dress, the black one with the roses at the neckline, and her hair is washed and beautifully done. Like that, she follows the Fuhrer into his room -- and to her death."
Source: Gertraud Junge, Traudl Junge, Melissa Muller. Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary. pg. 187.
Adolf Hitler: "My personal will. Although during the years of struggle I believed that i could not undertake the responsibility of marriage, now, before the end of my life, I have decided to take as my wife the woman who, after many years of true friendship, came to this city, already almost besieged, of her own free will, in order to share my fate. She will go to her death with me, at her own wish, as my wife."
Source: L. Vaughan Jones. "Hitler's Will in Full -- Why I Married Eva." Daily Express. 12/31/1945. pg. 1.
Note, this version is different from the last will translated by the Office of United States Chief of Counsel.

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