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Marriages of Phil Spector


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Phil Spector's Second Wife -- Ronnie Bennett (1968-1974)
Ronnie Spector

Portrait of American singer Ronnie Spector (born Veronica Yvette Bennett), of the Ronettes, as she poses in a red jumpsuit, 1978.

Photo: Anthony Barboza / Getty Images
The troubled relationship of Ronnie Bennett and Phil Spector began while he was still married to his first wife. His controlling behavior became more evident on their wedding night and he didn't allow her to have her own bank account or cash.

Veronica "Ronnie" Yvette Bennett: August 10, 1943 in New York City, New York.

How Phil and Ronnie Met:
Phil and Ronnie met around 1963 when he began working with the Ronettes. Phil proposed in March 1968 with a 3-carat diamond ring.

Wedding Date and Info:
Phil and Ronnie were married on April 14, 1968 in the Beverly Hills City Hall. They had only four guests, including Ronnie's mother. In place of a reception, Spector treated them all to a Mahalia Jackson concert.

Robert Sam Anson: "Ronnie awoke from her wedding night to the sound of workmen surrounding the estate with a barbed-wire fence. Bars went on the windows next, and monitoring intercoms were installed in all the rooms. Then a set of 10-foot electrified gates went up ... Phil had shrouded the estate's windows with heavy drapes, limited her television viewing to Mission: Impossible, and bought a life-size dummy of himself -— complete with cigarette dangling from its lips -— to sit next to her in the car during the rare times he allowed her out alone."
Source: Robert Sam Anson. "Legend with a Bullet." VanityFair.com. pg. 3. 6/2003.

Ronnie left Phil in June 1972 and their divorce was final in February 1974.

Ronnie: "It had finally hit me, how funny life can be. I'd just spent more than five years living like a millionaire iin a twenty-three-room mansion, and I felt helpless the whole time. Now, here I was standing at the corner of Sunset and Doheny, barefoot and without a penny to my name, and I'd never felt stronger in my life."
Source: Ronnie Spector, Vince Waldron. Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness. 2004. pg. 221.
Robert Sam Anson: "When the judge ordered support of $1,300 per month, Phil had a Brink's truck deliver the first payment to her lawyer's office -— in nickels. The court put a stop to that ..."
Source: Robert Sam Anson. "Legend with a Bullet." VanityFair.com. pg. 3. 6/2003.

Phil and Ronnie adopted three children: Donte, Louis, and Gary.

Ronnie: Lead singer of the Ronettes, actress, musician.

Other Marriages:
In January 1982, Ronnie married Jonathan Greenfield.

Quotes About the Marriage of Ronnie and Phil Spector:
Friend: "Phil and Ronnie getting married was an ego-merger. Phil loved the fact that other men were attracted to her but he was the one who had her. He loved her voice. She was his passion. But he didn't really want to spend time with her. And Ronnie wanted him so he would produce her and only her, so she would be the star, and also to be lavished with his money."
Source: Mick Brown. "Off the wall." Telegraph.co.uk. 3/10/2007.

Jeffrey Ressner: "Spector allegedly kept a "glass coffin in his basement" and swore that if his wife 'Ronnie ever left him, he would kill her and display her body like Snow White's.'"
Source: Anthony Bruno. "Phil Spector: The 'Mad Genius' of Rock'n'Roll." TruTV.com.

Ronnie: "He was very possessive and insecure. I married him because I loved him, and I thought maybe he'd be more secure if we got married." Instead Phil grew ever more tyrannical, keeping his wife quarantined in their 21-room, Spanish-style mansion and canceling her career.
Source: Kim Hubbard, Victoria Balfour, David Lustig. "Phil Spector." People.com. 2/06/1989.

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