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Can your marriage survive an affair? It can, but it will take time and it will take both of you wanting to save your marriage.
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Should You Give a Cheater a Second Chance?
There are many who don't believe in giving a cheater a second chance, and those who do. Here are questions to ask yourself if you are considering giving your spouse a second chance.

Did You Give Your Cheating Spouse Another Chance?
Answers by readers to the question, did you give your cheating spouse another chance.

How to Cope When You've Learned Your Spouse Is Unfaithful
Things to do and not to do when the news has hit you like a ton of bricks and you can't sleep or eat.

You Cheated, You Were Caught, Now What?
You cheated, you know you made a mistake, now what do you do?

Emotional Affairs 101
An emotional affair generally starts innocently enough as a friendship. Here's information about what an emotional affair is, how an emotional affair differs from a platonic friendship, warning signs of an emotional affair, how to protect yourself from an emotional affair, a quiz, poll, and more.

Does the Definition of Infidelity Need to Change?
Do you think the definition of infidelity needs to change?

10 Things To Stop Doing If You Think You May Cheat
These behaviors probably will show that you are tempted to cheat on your spouse.

Should Adultery Be a Crime?
Adultery is a crime in Arizona and in other states.

My Spouse Had an Affair: How I Survived
No one will share the exact same feelings of hurt, betrayal, anger, confusion, and fear that you experienced when your spouse cheated on you. However, telling your story may help others deal with their own pain and sense of loss when faced with the trauma of unfaithfulness. Whether your marriage survived or not, your road to healing can let others know there is hope for better tomorrows after the…

Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
Positive steps to keep your marriage safe from infidelity.

Seven-year Itch
The phrase originally referred to an actual itch that tormented individuals for years. The term took on new meaning with the release of Billy Wilder's 1955 movie, The Seven Year Itch, starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell.

Would You Want to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating?
Surveys are showing that many spouses are unaware when their partner cheats. Would you want to know if your spouse is cheating?

Books about Infidelity
If you are trying to cope with the reality of an unfaithful spouse, these books may provide some helpful and reassuring advice on how to pick up the pieces of your life, and how to rebuild your marriage.

A definition of an affair.

Definition of two-timing in a marriage.

Emotional Affair
Definition of an emotional affair in a marriage.

One Night Stand Poll
What to share and what not to share is a difficult decision for cheating spouses who want to save their marriages.

The definition of adultery, adultery in history, and adultery and the law.

Can marriage survive an affair?

Infidelity Forum
A place where you'll find support, information, camaraderie, and people who understand what you're going through - both the good times and the bad times. This forum is for anyone who has to deal with a spouse's infidelity, whether it be an actual physical affair or a cyber affair.

Should She Stay or Should She Go?
Hillary's Dilemma.

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