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Top 10 Books about Surviving Infidelity


If you are trying to cope with the reality of an unfaithful spouse, these books may provide some helpful and reassuring advice on how to pick up the pieces of your life, and how to rebuild your marriage.

1. "Infidelity: A Survival Guide"

This book by Don-David Lusterman can help couples overcome infidelity and shows how a marriage can not only survive but be stronger after couples confront the reasons behind the indiscretions.

2. "Not 'Just Friends': Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity"

Author Shirley P. Glass offers help in how to recognize the red flags that could possibly mark the stages of your spouse slipping into an affair.
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3. "After the Affair: Overcoming the Pain and Rebuilding Trust"

Janis Abrahms Spring and Michael Spring are the authors of this informative book. If you are going through the pain, heartache, disbelief, and anger of infidelity, "After the Affair" may help you cope with your mixed feelings, help you deal with your future, and help you make the decision whether or not to try to rebuild your marriage.
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4. "Surviving Infidelity: Making Decisions, Recovering from the Pain"

Rona Subotnik and Gloria Harris write about making decisions and moving beyond the pain of infidelity. If you are looking for an understanding of why your spouse was unfaithful and how to recover from the affair, "Surviving Infidelity" offers practical help in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way.
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5. "Surviving an Affair"

Willard F. Harley and Jennifer Harley Chalmers attempt to validate the feelings and experience of couples dealing with infidelity, and offer practical, helpful strategies for recovery.
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6. "Back from Betrayal: Saving a Marriage, a Family, a Life"

Suzy Farbman shares her personal story. It can be both difficult to read and inspiring at the same time. "Back from Betrayal" is a very honest account of the nightmare of marital infidelity and the long journey back to reconciliation.
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7. "Straight Talk About Betrayal: A Self-Help Guide for Couples"

Although a very small book (only 48 pages), Donna R. Bellafiore summarizes stages of recovery and has tear-out evaluation sections for you and your mate to individually assess the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage.
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8. "Private Lies: Infidelity and Betrayal of Intimacy"

Frank Pittman's well written book has information on why affairs happen, consequences, and advice for both the unfaithful partner and the wounded spouse.
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9. "Betrayed!: How You Can Restore Sexual Trust and Rebuild Your Life"

Riki Robbins gives help on how to successfully live through betrayal. Sections include how to confront your spouse, getting support from family and friends, talking to your children about what has happened, learning to trust again, being able to forgive, and rebuilding your self-image.
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10. "How Could You Do This to Me?: Learning to Trust After Betrayal"

Jane Greer and Margery D. Rosen discuss the reasons betrayers betray, information about betrayers, and how to deal with the emotions that you may feel after being betrayed. There's also a section on learning to trust again.
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