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Interfaith Marriages

Interfaith marriages have a few more challenges to face than couples of the same faith. Religious differences in interfaith marriages may create problems for interfaith couples, but usually these problems can be lessened when there is communication about the religious issues and stumbling blocks the interfaith couple will have to face.
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Handling Prayer in an Interfaith Marriage
Although finding a common way to pray together can be a challenge for interfaith marriage couples, the partners who do pray together see it as a way of building intimacy and being more closely bound together while adding greater meaning to their lives. Here are four approaches to praying together, along with prayer tips.

Coping Strategies for Interfaith Marriages
If your interfaith marriage is having some difficulties, here are some coping strategies to help deal with the sensitive religious issues that could be hurting your relationship.

Daily Dialogue Questions on Interfaith Marriage
When two people of different faiths marry, it isn't their religious differences that can create marital problems. What creates problems in an interfaith marriage is the lack of communication about the religious issues and stumbling blocks the couple will have to face. Here is a listing of dialogue questions for interfaith couples to write on to communicate more effectively with each other.

Interfaith Marriage Books
If you are considering marrying someone from a different religious faith, or if you are already in an interfaith marriage, check out these books on interfaith marriages for practical advice and encouragement.

Interfaith Marriage Stumbling Blocks
Every marriage will have some stumbling blocks, but interfaith marriages have a few extra challenges. These issues need to be discussed and dealt with prior to your marriage.

Mistakes Interfaith Couples Often Make
When interfaith couples make these mistakes, they are setting themselves up for festering bitterness, nagging tensions, and continuing arguments about their religious differences.

Definition of intra-faith.

Definition of interfaith.

Atheism and Marriage: Marriage & Growing Religious Devotion
Answer to the question, "What if a person becomes more religiously devout?"

Custom Interfaith Ketubah Text
Here is Miriam Karp's sample Ketubah text for an interfaith marriage.

Mixed Marriages: Atheists and Theists
Are they doomed or can they work?

Interfaith Marriage
Here is a copy of James D. Davidson's 1998 article on interfaith marriage among Catholics. It includes interesting statistics.

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