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Interracial Marriage Coping Strategies

Do's and Don'ts for Interracial Married Couples


Photo: Philip and Karen Smith / Getty Images
Photo: Philip and Karen Smith / Getty Images
Whether or not your interracial marriage will face additional stress and strain than other marriages depends greatly upon your families and the community where you decide to live.

If your interracial marriage is having difficulties, don't assume that the problem is based because of your racial differences. Here are some coping strategies to help deal with issues that could be hurting your interracial marriage relationship.

  • Do follow what you feel and truly believe in your hearts.
  • Do not let what others think about your interracial marriage worry you.
  • Do show mutual respect for one another and for one another's cultures. If your differences are creating problems for you, brainstorm together for some solutions.
  • Do keep your sense of humor alive.
  • Do remain realistic about your differences and about what you have in common.
  • Do not ignore your differences thinking that they will just go away. They won't disappear because you don't talk about them.
  • Do work on bringing your families together.
  • Do not defend your parents if they try to interfere in your interracial marriage. Take a stand together and set boundaries.
  • Do help your children to understand and be proud their mixed racial identity.
  • Do avoid those who disapprove of your interracial marriage. You don't deserve or need that type of negative energy in your lives.
Glossary Terms Regarding Interracial Marriages

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