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For a long lasting marriage, the couple needs to work at making sure there is intimacy in their marital relationship.

Bedroom TV -- Yes or No?
Due to apparent low intimacy and sleep quality, sleep and relationship experts generally think that having a television in your bedroom is a bad idea. Yet, many couples do have a TV in their bedroom. Here's what experts say and how married couples can handle this issue.

Ways to Create More Intimacy Today
Intimacy in your marriage involves more than having good sex. Intimacy is achieved when the two of you can share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings with one another. Your marital intimacy is also strengthened when you two are spending time as a couple, having fun together, and surprising one another.

Television in Bedroom Poll
Marriage poll about having a television in your bedroom.

Definition of marital intimacy.

Marriage and True Intimacy
"If we want to understand what it is to be intimate with God, we need to simply understand what it takes to be intimate with each other."

How to Share What's in Your Heart with Your Spouse
Intimacy means sharing more than what's in your brain, it's sharing the depth of your feelings that live in your heart.

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