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How to Show Your Appreciation

Show Your Appreciation on a Regular Basis


Photo: Blackred / iStockphoto
Photo: Blackred / iStockphoto
Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Don't wait for your anniversary or your spouse's birthday to let your mate know how grateful you feel to have your spouse in your life.

Five Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Author Karen Leland suggests the following five ways to show appreciation:
  • 1. Be specific.
  • 2. Make it about character.
  • 3. Drop a line; draft a note.
  • 4. Be sincere.
  • 5. Turnaround is fair play.

Bottom line, on a regular basis, write a note that mentions something you admire or appreciate about your spouse. Keep it sincere, personal, and specific!

Source: Karen Leland. "5 Ways to Give the Gift of Appreciation.". HuffingtonPost.com. 3/4/2009.

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