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Become a More Invitational Spouse

Invitation Versus Demand Can Make or Break Your Marriage


Photo: Jack Hollingsworth / Getty Images
Photo: Jack Hollingsworth / Getty Images
When you think of the word invitation with regards to marriage, you probably think of a wedding invitation, or an invitation to an anniversary party, a birthday party invitation, or being invited out to dinner, etc.

If you don't want your spouse to back away or cringe when you talk, take a look at how you communicate. Do you send messages that offer an invitation to connect with you or are the messages demanding something from your spouse?

How to Be More Inviting in Your Marriage

You don't have to send a printed invitation every time you want to talk to your spouse about something. That's not what we mean by being more invitational in your communication approach in your marriage.

You are an invitational spouse if you give a warm hello or good morning as your day starts, a glad welcome when your spouse returns home from work or a trip, a sincere invitation to spend time with one another, etc.

Words that reflect an inviting approach include:

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