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Long-Lasting Marriages Are Important


Senior Hands
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When we see an elderly couple (older than us!) obviously enjoying the company of one another or holding hands as they walk, we are touched by their continuing love for each another. Through the years, long-lasting marriages have given us hope for what is yet to come in our own relationship. When we asked the question, "Is the idea of lifelong marriage obsolete?", the response from our readers was 66% No! We agree.

Marriages Are on the Rise

The U.S. Census Bureau agrees too. In a study released in spring 2011, Number, Timing, and Duration of Marriages and Divorces: 2009, marital stability and longevity is up due to couples following advice for lowering their odds for divorce: marrying later, being more educated, and being more economically secure.

Couples in the U.S. are apparently doing what is necessary to divorce-proof their marriages. As Andrea Canning of ABC's World News Tonight reported, the fact that longer lasting marriages are on the rise is a hopeful trend and "happily ever after is making a comeback."

Importance of Long-Lasting Marriages

Successful long-lasting marriages are important not only because they provide positive examples for younger married couples, but because being in a successful marriage makes folks healthier and provides family harmony.

Quotes About Marriages Lasting Longer

Andrew Cherlin: "Fifty years ago, you had to be married. Marriage used to be the first step in adulthood, and now it's the capstone."
Source: Lamar Clarkson. "Divorce rates falling, report finds." CNN.com. 5/19/2011.
Frank Bass: "The report showed marriages appear to be lasting longer, with 55 percent of married couples together for 15 years or longer. More than a third of those have reached their 25th anniversary, and 6 percent have been married 50 years or more. The length of time for marriages to unravel appears to have stayed constant, around the classic seven-year itch. "
Source: Frank Bass: "American Couples Get 'More Selective.'" Bloomberg.com. 5/18/2011.
Tom Ruggieri: "That model [parents in long-lasting marriages] really does have an impact. I think people who come from a divorced family haven't always seen parents work stuff out. Their model is, if people fight and they can't agree, the marriage ends. So they're afraid to fight and disagree. You can't have a marriage without disagreement."
Source: Carol Morello. "Number of long-lasting marriages in U.S. has risen, Census Bureau reports." WashingtonPost.com. 5/18/2011.

What is your secret for having a great marriage? Please share your thoughts with our readers.

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