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Hints and Tips About Leaving Love Notes

Love Note Ideas From Our Readers


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These hints and tips about leaving love notes for your spouse were contributed by our readers.

  • "My husband (boyfriend at the time) was away on a business trip and I went to visit him. Before I left I left him notes everywhere. The cereal box, his coat pockets, his tackle box, I unfolded his socks and tucked in notes. He was away for 6 months; he was still finding notes even after he got home. To this day if he goes out of town I will leave little notes for him in his suitcase so he knows I’m waiting for him when he gets home." ~~ contributed by Romantic thru and thru, Bridget B.
  • "NO where should it be where he might unknowingly uncover it while at work in front of co-workers. I had a friend who did that once -- and it was a bit inappropriate and quite embarassing. A sexy note is great -- but you have to make sure it is left in a very private place -- that's why I like underneath his pillow or in the "sock" drawer. LOL" ~~ Rosina L.
  • "There was my hot pink note to remind him that I love him." ~~ contributed by Cynthia W.
  • "I think the important thing is just for each other to know that you are thought about and loved." ~~ contributed by Ada B.
  • "In case it was too lovey-dovey, I thought a little "boy-like" lingo would help me!" ~~ contributed by Cynthia W.
  • "For no apparent reason ... it is so amazing to open your inbox and find a card waiting!!! Or hear a bell go off and know it is just for you!!!!" ~~ contributed by Gayna F.
  • "I look for places he always goes and also look for places where he'll be surprised completely at a time when I may even forget, such as his glove box in the car. Occasionally I add chocolate kisses!" ~~ contributed by C.P.
  • "29 years of married life, and he still finds ways to surprise me!" ~~ contributed by Judi S.

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