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Where to Leave or Hide Love Notes for Your Spouse in Your Bathroom

Bathroom Love Notes


Here are more suggestions on where to leave or hide love notes for your spouse in your bathroom.

  • Write "I love you","I think you're hot", etc. on the UNDERside of the toilet seat with a dry erase marker, so when he lifts it, he will see it. ~~ contributed by Jen H..

  • Tucked inside the cardboard of the toilet paper roll. They’ll see it when they change the roll… for men, this might take a while but if you leave the roll empty long enough, he’ll find it eventually! ~~ Kim R.S.

  • On the toothpaste. ~~ Annaleise G.

  • We leave notes for each other on the bathroom mirror using a dry-erase marker. It's easy to clean, but still play with love notes. ~~ contributed by Jake B.

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