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Where to Leave or Hide Love Notes for Your Spouse in Your Bedroom

More Bedroom Love Notes


Photo © Clara Natoli
Photo © Clara Natoli
Here are more suggestions on where to leave or hide love notes for your spouse in your bedroom.

  • On your mate's pillow.

  • In one of your spouse's shoes.

  • In a coat pocket.

  • In one of your partner's dresser drawers.

  • Leave a note in your spouse's work pants pocket. ~~ contributed by Laura B.

  • Inside a hat or helmet ~~ Annaleise G.

  • In underwear drawer. ~~ contributed by Judi S.

  • In the arms of a stuffed animal propped up against a pillow. ~~ contributed by Judi S.

  • In his/her wallet. ~~ contributed by Rose Z. and Judi S.

  • I bought white lights and strew them over the bed, (we have slanted ceilings) with "I love you." ~~ contributed by JLH.

  • I leave them in his pants pockets. ~~ contributed by JLH.

  • Inside the pocket of one of his shirts, so when he found it, it's going to put a smile on his face! ~~ contributed by Karis M.

  • One day, while I was matching his socks, I had the BEST idea. I put little “I Love You” notes in each pair of socks. ~~ contributed by Nicole B.

  • Tucked in packed clothing ... in pockets of garments or in toiletries bag etc. ~~ contributed by Sandra B.

  • I also put one note in his folded underwear, I know it sounds funny but when he sees the paper falling he picks it up and reads it. I hope you like my ideas. ~~ contributed by Yenny M.

  • I would leave love notes in his sock underwear/drawer or under his pillow. ~~ contributed by Rosina L.

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