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Where to Leave or Hide Love Notes for Your Spouse in Your Kitchen

More Kitchen Love Notes


Photo © Clara Natoli
Photo © Clara Natoli
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Here are more suggestions on where to leave or hide love notes for your spouse in food or in your kitchen.

  • Just a suggestion in his or her sandwich if they take lunch to work Instead of cheese or ham put cardboard note in sandwich te he. Another good practical joke for hubby -- make cake out of sponge rubber, cover with icing, etc. Have a laugh! ~~ Paul and Raylene.

  • On the dishwashing detergent. ~~ Annaleise G.

  • Put in a zip lock bag and put in the ice maker of the freezer. Another place is in his lunch box. ~~ Sandy C.

  • If my husband is taking lunch from home I would put it inside his lunchbag, or write it on the extra napkin. ~~ Yenny M.

  • Most recently my boyfriend wrote a note in my kitchen on the table with my birthday gift. He wrote it on a sticky, "Caution it may bite"... Inside a beautiful broach that he had made for me especially on my birthday. It was lovely, an alligator pin, silver, inlaid with blue stones. ~~ Jennie T.

More Suggestions on Where to Leave Love Notes in Your Kitchen

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