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Romance in the Mud

Gardening Survival Strategies for Couples


Photo ©  Bob Stritof


Photo © Bob Stritof
Gardening is an art, and for many people it is not only relaxing and therapeutic, it is fun. If you plant vegetables in your garden, you will also help your budget.

As you nurture your garden, you could be nurturing your relationship.

Gardening together can be a great opportunity to spend time with each other while achieving one of your common goals, getting some physical exercise, and to have fun! Working side-by-side in your yard can also remind the two of you of the importance of patience and of creating positive memories.

Gardening Survival Strategies

Here are some survival strategies so that gardening is a positive experience and not an issue in your marriage.

  • Talk about the dreams and expectations you each have regarding your yard and landscaping. If one of you absolutely hates to garden, be honest about it!
  • If gardening only appeals to one of you, don't expect to spend a great deal of time working in the garden together. However, figure out a workable plan where you can be working together in your yard now and then.
  • Feng Shui followers recommend that you plant red, pink, and/or white flowers in the far right hand corner of your yard and to put some wind chimes in that area too. Doing so is said to strengthen your marriage relationship.
  • When making your landscaping plans, make sure you make space for a romantic, secluded corner of the yard that is just for the two of you.
  • Research together the meaning of flowers and plant a few that hold special significance for the two of you.
  • If you are the non-gardening partner, make sure that you affirm the work your spouse accomplishes in your yard.

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