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Where to Leave Love Notes


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Where to Leave or Hide Love Notes -- Kitchen

Cookie jars are great hiding places for love notes in your kitchen.

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  • On an egg in the refrigerator.

  • Plan and cook a meal together and leave a love note in a recipe book or on one of the ingredients.

  • On the refrigerator door.

  • Inside your partner's favorite glass.

  • Inside your spouse's lunch box.

  • Inside your mate's favorite bag of chips or package of cookies.

  • On top of a sandwich. ~~ contributed by Ada B.

  • In your silverware drawer. ~~ contributed by Rose Z.

  • Use refrigerator magnets that spell words. ~~ contributed by Ada B.

  • Taped on the inside of cupboard doors. ~~ contributed by Judi S.

  • Inside the sugar canister. ~~ contributed by Judi S.

  • If by chance Steve packs his lunch, I will make sandwiches for him either the night before, or the morning of his work day. I fold up the love letter and put it under his entire lunch. When he goes through his lunch items, he will find the food I made for him, and finally he will find the love letter positioned at the bottom of his lunch bag. ~~ contributed by Suzy B.

  • In the dishwasher, tied to the stove handle, and on their favorite food/snack. ~~ contributed by Malissa M.

  • One day I was fixing her dinner, and while making the salad, I cut the words "I Love You" out of a block of cheese and laid it across the top of her salad. ~~ contributed by Jake B.

  • In their lunchbox. ~~ contributed by Kelley B.

  • A great place to leave a love note is in your spouse's lunch box. That is, if they take their lunch to work. ~~ Kenneth and Janice A.

  • Open a stick of butter and carve I love you on it and then re-rap it and wait until it's opened.~~ Monte N.

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