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Where to Leave Love Notes


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Where to Leave or Hide Love Notes -- Home Office
Home Office

Your home office is a great place to find interesting spots to hide love notes.

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Leaving love notes at your spouse's work location may not be appropriate, but finding one hidden in a home office can lighten your spouse's day.

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  • A stickynote on the first page of the dayplanner. ~~ contributed by Akia.

  • I just opened my laptop this morning and my boyfriend had left a love note! Yesterday! ~~ contributed by L.N.

  • On your screen saver! OK, it can't be a long love letter. More of a sentiment. And it needs to be something that you don't mind sharing with anyone who sees your computer. Something like, "Zelda, you are gorgeous in gum boots." In our version of Windows, you go Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver, then choose 'marquee display' and type in your message. ~~ contributed by Dan D.

  • On the computer.

  • Via email message.

  • Through a cell phone text message.

  • In your spouse's laptop case. ~~ contributed by Rose Z.

  • Through greeting card web sites. ~~ contributed by Gayna F.

  • My husband is always using the computer so I leave him notes either on the screen saver or tucked inside the laptop so when he opens it there's a little note from me. ~~ contributed by Mandi.

  • Send a note to the office. ~~ contributed by Patrice L.

  • I clip them to his phone. ~~ contributed by JLH.

  • I changed my name in his cell phone directory to say "I LOVE YOU" instead of my name when I call him or Nextel him. ~~ contributed by JLH.

  • I mailed one to my husband's office. It was completely unexpected and he was excited to receive it! ~~ contributed by Lindsay K.

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