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Make Decisions Together

How the two of you make decisions together is a key to how successful a marriage you will have.

How to Have an Inspired Marriage
When we hear that a couple has an inspired marriage, words that come to mind are steadfast, resilient, stimulating, and motivating.

Compromise is Not Caving In
Learning to compromise with your spouse with respect and sensitivity is an important skill to learn.

Decisions in Marriage
What you consider to be important decisions is one of the first decisions you should make in your marriage. Most couples consider the following decisions to be major decisions that require discussion and agreement.

Make Mutual Decisions
As a married couple, you will make many decisions throughout your marriage. Make sure that these decisions are mutual decisions.

Would You Marry Your Spouse Again?
Knowing what you know now, would you marry your spouse again? Take our poll.

Happy Marriage Poll
There is so much negativity about marriage in the news and in the media. Do you have anything positive to say about marriage? Take our poll.

Love is a Decision
One of the more controversial statements made on Marriage Encounter Weekends, and on Engaged Encounter Weekends, is "Love is a Decision." It is a statement that reminds couples to love the person, not the behavior.

How to Rebuild Trust
A simple how to on rebuilding trust in a relationship.

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