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Low Sex Drive

A low libido or lack of desire for sex can hurt a marriage. Resources with causes and solutions are listed.

No Sex or Low Sex
It doesn't matter why you have a low or no sex marriage, marital disaster could be around the corner. Here's a five-step approach to dealing with a low sex marriage.

Stories and Solutions About Low Sex Marriages
A low sex marriage may seem okay to one spouse and yet may be viewed as a huge problem by the other spouse. Read how others have dealt with the issue of differing sex drives in their marriages.

Low Sex Marriage Poll
Having different sex drives makes it difficult for some couples to have a successful marriage.

I'd Rather Eat Chocolate -- Learning to Love My Low Libido -- Book Review
Book review of I'd Rather Eat Chocolate: Learning to Love My Low Libido by Joan Sewell.

How to Keep Your Sex Life Alive
Sex doesn't have to get boring in marriage, it should get better.

Not Interested in Sex?
Left untreated, female sexual dysfunction can destroy a marriage. What it is, possible causes and treatments are listed.

Sex Starved Marriage Book Review
Since one out of three couples struggle with low sexual desire in their marriage, this book offers much needed help in boosting the libido of a marriage.

Signs of a Low Sex Marriage
Having sex just one or two times a month puts a couple in the low sex marriage category. Here are some other signs of a low sex marriage.

Too Tired for Sex
Being a workaholic can have a negative impact on one's sex life.

When a Husband Isn't Interested in Sex
Can a lack of sex kill a marriage? A look at the consequences, causes, and remedies of low libido in husbands.

Sex Drive Differences in Long-Term Committed Relationships
Here's help in understanding sex drive discrepancies, taking a sex drive reality check, how to deal with sex drive differences.

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