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Marriage Licenses and Laws

The legalities of marriage can be confusing and overwhelming. Before you get married, it is important to know the requirements for getting a marriage license such as age, identification, costs for the license, etc. Laws concerning marriage vary from state to state and country to country and change often.
  1. Before You Get Married
  2. Covenant Marriage (11)
  3. Proxy Marriages (5)
  4. Marriage Licenses (489)
  5. Cyber Marriage (5)
  6. Teen Marriage (16)
  7. Secret Marriages (3)
  8. Reproduction Certificates (4)
  9. Annulments (3)
  10. Legalities (8)
  11. Bigamy (3)
  12. Common-Law Marriage (7)
  13. Divorce (10)
  14. Agreements (7)
  15. Name Change (6)

Legal, Financial, Health, and Emotional Benefits of Being Married
In addition to the many legal rights and benefits for married couples, there are financial, health, and emotional benefits, too.

Marriage Certificate
Definition of marriage certificate.

Marriage Application
Definition of marriage application.

Marriage License
Definition of marriage license.

Know the Basics About Obtaining a Marriage License
If you are confused about getting married, here's help in jumping through the legal hoops.

Civil Marriage
Definition of civil marriage.

Is My Foreign Marriage Legally Recognized and Binding in the U.S.?
Generally, a marriage which is legally performed and valid in a foreign country is also legally valid in the United States.

For Love or Money
Are prenuptial agreements a death knell for romance? Or are they practical solutions to dealing with the problematic topic of finances in a marriage? Here are the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements.

Are Do-Overs Legal?
Many couples throughout the ages have had secret marriages. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about secret marriages including whether or not you can have a second marriage ceremony.

Definition of incest and a listing of prohibited marriages.

ACF Healthy Marriage Initiative
An explanation of President George W. Bush's Healthy Marriage Initiative.

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