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Marriage Licenses -- What You Need to Know -- U.S. and International

If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level -- marriage -- then you should know the requirements about age, identification, costs for the marriage license, etc. Here is information for the U.S. and other countries.
  1. U.S. (350)
  2. International (130)

Know the Basics About Obtaining a Marriage License
If you are confused about getting married, here's help in jumping through the legal hoops.

How to Get Married in the United States If You Are Not Citizens
Yes, two foreigners can get married in the U.S. Here's how.

Why do I have to give my Social Security Number (SSN) when I apply for a...
Federal law requires you to give your Social Security Number when you want to get married.

Single Status Affidavit
Definition of the term single status affidavit.

Marriage License Information
Marriage license information listed by US states and countries.

How to Get Married at Sea
You can still have a wedding ceremony at sea, but it's not easy. What you see in old romantic movies just doesn't happen very often today.

What Does It Take to Get Married Today?
Aside from the license... quite a bit!

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