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10 Ways to Lose Your Spouse

How to Sabotage Your Marriage


Unhappy Couple Arguing
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Here are things you can do in your marriage that will result in pushing your spouse away.

There's also information on how to avoid doing these things!

  1. Don't trust your spouse.
    How to Rebuild Trust

    2. Go for the status quo or a so-so marriage.
    Get Your Marriage Out of a Rut

    3. Be disagreeable.
    Ways to Be More Positive

    4. Refuse your spouse any autonomy.
    It is Okay to Want Some Time Alone

    5. Take your spouse for granted.
    Once a Day -- Say Something Nice

    6. Don't worry about your personal hygiene.
    Change Your Own Bad Habits

    7. Be a messy slob.
    How to Divide Household Chores

    8. Be cheap.
    Handle Your Finances Together

    9. Talk down to your spouse.
    Know the Teasing Guidelines

    10. Be offensive.
    Respect Humor Boundaries

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