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Married Media Couples

Making sure their own lives aren't in the headlines is something many media folks prefer.

The Four Marriages of Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace's four marriages included two marriages that lasted over 20 years.

Margie and Andy Rooney Marriage Profile
Andy Rooney's long lasting marriage to Margie Howard began in 1942.

Chaz and Roger Ebert Marriage Profile
Described as not only successful, but also steadfast, the marriage of Chaz and Roger Ebert is a marriage that models being there for one another in illness and in health. Here is information on how Chaz and Roger met, their wedding, and more.

Jill Walker and Tony Snow Marriage Profile
Another long-term, successful celebrity marriage ended with the death of Tony Snow. Tony and his wife Jill were married in 1987 and were the parents of three children.

Maureen Orth and Tim Russert Marriage Profile
Known as a true family man and named Father of the Year, respected journalist Tim Russert died on June 13, 2008. He is survived by his wife Maureen, son Luke, and father Big Russ. Here is information about Maureen and Tim's successful twenty-five year marriage.

The Marriages of Rush Limbaugh
Married three times, all of the marriages of Rush Limbaugh ended in divorce. Here's information about the failed marriages of Rush Limbaugh.

Walter and Betsy Cronkite Marriage Profile
The marriage of Walter and Betsy Cronkite lasted nearly 65 years. Betsy died a couple weeks short of their 65th wedding anniversary. Here is information about their wedding, their their wedding, their life together, their children, and more.

Bob and Lee Woodruff Quotes About Marriage and Love
Here are quotations from Bob and Lee Woodruff about their marriage.

Bob and Lee Woodruff Marriage Profile
Television news anchor Bob and Lee Woodruff began their marriage understanding that Bob wanted to travel the world. As he advanced in his career choice, the consequences of those choices became more apparent to both Bob and Lee. Here's information about their marriage, children, and more.

Peter Jennings and Kayce Freed
Here is information about Peter Jennings and his wife Kayce Freed, how they met, when they were married, Peter's children, and information about Peter's three previous marriages.

Maureen McPhilmy and Bill O'Reilly Marriage Profile
There are rumors that the marriage of Maureen McPhilmy and Bill O'Reilly is having difficulties.

Lynne and Paul Harvey Marriage Profile
Married nearly 68 years, Paul and Lynne Harvey worked as a team most of their marriage. Here is more information on how they met, their marriage, and more.

Ed Bradley and Patricia Blanchet Marriage Profile
Ed Bradley and Patricia Blanchet were married just a few years before his death. Here's information about their marriage.

Danielle Crittenden and David Frum Marriage Profile
Writers David Frum and Danielle Crittenden have a solid marriage.

Tania and Glenn Beck Marriage Profile
Here is information about the marriage of Tania and Glenn Beck.

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