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The Four Marriages of Mike Wallace


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Mike Wallace's First Wife -- Norma Kaphan (1940-1948)
Norma Kaphan and Mike Wallace married young, apparently had different goals, and divorced after nearly 8 years together.


Norma A. Kaphan:

How Mike and Norma Met:

Mike and Norma met during his sophomore year when they were both students at the University of Michigan.

Wedding Date:

Their engagement was announced in The New York Times on August 2, 1940. Married in 1940, Mike and Norma honeymooned on Cape Cod.

Divorce Date:

Mike and Norma divorced in 1948.
Peter Rader: "To Mike's credit, he worked sincerely to repair his marriage, trying to form a bond with little Peter, who hardly knew him. And he toiled even harder to relaunch his career. By 1947, Norma was pregnant again. But it wouldn't be long before Mike vanished for good."br> Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 28.


Dorothy and Mike have two sons, Peter Wallace (died in 1962) and journalist Chris Wallace.

Norma's Later Marriage:

Norma married William A. Leonard II, television news correspondent, producer, and executive. Bill had six children from his previous marriage. Leonard died in 1994.

Quotes About the Marriage of Norma Kaphan and Mike Wallace:

Peter Rader: "Mike's relationship with Norma lacked the fire and excitement that he was seeking at that point in his life. Besides, Norma was both moody and needy -- not unlike Mike's mother, a comparison that filled him with dread. She wanted him at home; he yearned for his place in the limelight."
Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 33.
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