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The Four Marriages of Mike Wallace


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Mike Wallace's Third Wife -- Lorraine Perigord (1955-1983)
Mike Wallace in 1955

A portrait of broadcast journalist Mike Wallace in 1955.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images
Although Mike described Lorraine as the love of his life, their 28 year marriage ended when they drifted apart.


Lorraine Perigord:


Lorraine died in 1994 at the age of 73. She "walked into a river in the South Seas and drowned herself."
Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 256.

How Mike and Lorraine Met:

Lorraine and Mike met in February 1955 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Paul Gates: "Mike already had been impressed by Lorraine's more obvious attributes -- her beauty, her talent, her gentle charm. And now, in addition, she had revealed an ingenuousness that he found endearing. By the time he left Puerto Rico, Mike was thoroughly smitten."
Source: Mike Wallace, Gary Paul Gates. Close Encounters. 1984. pg 81.

Wedding Date:

Although most sources list their wedding in 1955, the month is reported differently. Some mention July 21, 1955 and others say August 21, 1955.

Divorce Date:

Lorraine and Mike divorced in 1983.
Peter Rader: "In the decades to come, his endless weeks on the road would cause friction between them and ultimately doom their marriage."
Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 96.


Lorraine had two children from her previous marriages, Anthony Dora and Pauline Perigord Dora.


Lorraine: Artist, art gallery owner.

Lorraine's Previous Marriages:

Lorraine had two previous marriages.
  • First marriage was short-lived.
  • Miklos Dora:

Quotes About the Marriage of Lorraine Perigord and Mike Wallace:

Peter Rader: "Then came Lorraine, who Mike considered the love of his life. He was fiercely devoted to her, always intensely protective of Lorraine ..."
Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 188.

Mike: "But after many years of happiness together, we began to drift apart. By the early 1980s, it had become painfully clear to both of us that we somehow had lost the magic that once had made us so close, so in 1984, Lorraine and I agreed, with deep regret, to get divorced."
Source: Mike Wallace, Paul Gates. Between You and Me: A Memoir. 2005. pg. 201.

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