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The Four Marriages of Mike Wallace


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Mike Wallace's Fourth Wife -- Mary Yates (1986-2012)
Mike Wallace and Mary Yates

Reporter Mike Wallace and wife, Mary, arrive at a screening of Director Errol Morris's documentary, 'The Fog of War' hosted by 'The Week Magazine' December 9, 2003 in New York City.

Photo: Todd Plitt / Getty Images
Mike's last marriage lasted 26 years until his death in 2012.


Mary Olberg aka Mary Yates: LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

How Mike and Mary Met:

Mary and Mike knew one another for many years as she was the widow of Ted Yates, a close friend of Mike. In 1984 their friendship turned into a romantic relationship.
Mike: "As I struggled that year to adjust to the challenge of living alone at the age of sixty-six, I reached out to close friends for support, and one of them was Mary. The more time we spent together, the more we came to realize that our long friendship was blossoming into something deeper, and by the fall of '84 we had become what the gossip columnists used to call 'an item.'"
Source: Mike Wallace, Paul Gates. Between You and Me: A Memoir. 2005. pg. 201.

Wedding Date:

Mike and Mary were married on June 28, 1986.


Mary has three sons from her marriage to Ted Yates.
  • Ted Yates Jr:
  • Eames Yates:
  • Angus Yates:


Mary: Producer, model.

Mary's Former Marriage:

Mary was married to producer Ted Yates. Ted died in June 1967.
Peter Rader: "When Ted and Mary set eyes on one another in the spring of 1954 their attraction was so immediate and intense that they were married within a week."
Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 59.
Mike: "One of the saddest days of my life came in June 1967, when I heard that Ted had been shot and killed in East Jerusalem while covering the Six-Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors."
Source: Mike Wallace, Paul Gates. Between You and Me: A Memoir. 2005. pg. 200.

Quotes About the Marriage of Mike Wallace and Mary Yates:

Al Ramrus: "If you had to explain it to a Martian, 'What is the ideal, American, beautiful, blond girl?' It was Mary. Lovely and warm and friendly ... I never saw any sharp edges on her. She was like the perfect 1950s American wife.'"
Source: Peter Rader. Mike Wallace: A Life. 2012. pg. 59.

Mike: "... I was sliding down the slope into a clinical depression. As fall gave way to winter, I sank ever more deeply into that dark and devastating malaise, which was crushing my spirit and even sapping my will to live. Shortly before the New Year, I cam perilously close to committing suicide. I probably would have taken the plunge into that abyss had it not been for the love and caring support I received from the woman in my life, who was both an old friend and a new romance ... The woman I'm referring to was Mary Yates ..."
Source: Mike Wallace, Paul Gates. Between You and Me: A Memoir. 2005. pg. 200.

Mary: "I know the job is the most important thing to Mike, but that doesn't bother me," she says. "It gives me a certain independence, and I like that. I wouldn't want the 9 to 5 ... Mary knew from the beginning how to handle Mr. Tough Guy reporter. When she wanted to get married in 1986 and he balked, she snapped him awake with an ultimatum. When he refused to shop with her for furniture, and then whined about what she brought home, she made him sign a contract (and still does): "Because I refused to go shopping with Mary, I promise not to complain, no matter what she brings home." Neither of them likes to talk in the morning, so she had a kitchen built just for him where he has his coffee and listens to Don Imus on the radio. He can't watch TV without a neurotic trigger-finger on the remote control, so she got her own set. It's a wonderful arrangement, Mary says. They laugh, go to dinner, talk news, and neither has been this happy in years. "We feel very safe together," Mary says."
Source: Steve Lopez. "Mike Wallace." People Magazine. 12/01/1997.

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