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Top 10 Gifts for Mom -- Gift Suggestions for Husbands to Give to their Wives


Whether it be Mother's Day, or an anniversary, or birthday, or Christmas, or an important personal occasion, husbands need to honor their wives for all that they do as moms and wives and for just being who they are. Whether you are purchasing something for your own mom, for your wife, or you are helping your kids find something for mom, these gift suggestions may be helpful.

1. Locket or Necklace

Hispanic man fastening wife's necklace
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A locket with special photos inside is a perfect remembrance gift for the special woman in your life. One of my favorite things is a 1928 replica of a magnifying glass necklace. It's not only pretty, it's practical!
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2. Slippers

A pair of slippers that have a smooth, comfortable feel can make your wife feel luxurious.
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3. Bonsai Tree

Truth, goodness, and beauty are considered to be the three basic virtues necessary for the creation of a bonsai. Your wife has probably shown these virtues many times over in her role as a mom and spouse.
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4. Bath and Body Products

If your wife has reached that point in her life when she is seeking to get rid of clutter and downsize, then a gift of bath and body products is something she can enjoy without guilt.
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5. Candles and Candle Holders

Candles are relaxing, romantic, fascinating, and useful. One of the best things about candles is that they can be used up and don't add to the clutter in your home.
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6. Picture Frames

Picture frames for her favorite photos are great gifts for moms and wives. The latest trend is to give a digital picture frame so that her favorite pictures are continually on display.
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7. Gift Baskets

Find or put together a gift basket that you know will delight your wife. You can focus on her hobbies, or on chocolate or other favorite foods, or on items to help her relax.
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8. Bird Feeders

If you don't have to worry about big ole bears being attracted by the birdseed, a bird feeder will attract birds and delight your wife.
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9. Tranquility Fountain

Give her the gift of tranquility and serenity through the relaxing, calming sounds of a desktop water fountain.
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10. Flowers

As a last result, if you can't think of anything more original, you can fall back on the old classic gift of flowers. A gift of a blooming orchid plant is especially delightful. You can also learn the meaning of flowers as you pick out flowers.
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