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"The Story of Us"

Should This Marriage Be Saved?

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Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer

Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer star as Ben and Katie Jordan in a romantic comedy that asks the question: Can a marriage survive 15 years of marriage?

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Recipient of mixed reviews and awards from marriage groups, The Story of Us asks if a marriage in crisis can survive. Here is our review of the 1999 movie.

Should the marriage in this movie be saved ... we think so ... though many reviewers of this movie (directed by Rob Reiner, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis) believe the fictional marriage is too far gone.

Slow Erosion and Disintegration of a Marriage

What happens to couples after they've been together for awhile? How do they survive the ins and outs, the day-to-day wear and tear, of being married?

The movie, The Story of Us asks if a marriage can survive 15 years of marriage. This tale of a couple in crisis gives a look at the slow erosion and disintegration of their marriage. It also gives some insight into how complex human relationships are.

The marriage in this movie storyline hasn't been damaged by any "big" event such as a financial disaster or illness or infidelity. Instead, the couple is moving apart because of minor differences and the strain that every day stresses can put on a relationship. The qualities that were once so endearing have now become major problems which create opportunities for having arguments.

The movie makes fun of marriage therapy and shows the couple as great parents, but neglecting their marital relationship by not communicating well with one another.

What the Movie Says to Folks

For some viewers, the movie will be a sobering look at married life.

For others, it will be a reminder that in order to make their marriage work, they have to grow up and make a commitment to nurture their relationship every day.


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