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Marriage Myths

Many marriage myths from the past are still with us today.

Marriage Myths -- Readers' Input
Marriage Myths -- Readers' Input

10 Marriage Myths Busted
Here are ten marriage myths you should put in your shredder.

Marriage Myths
We think that many myths that surround marriage give couples unrealistic expectations. Disappointment is sure to come for people who are looking for the Cinderella-like happily-ever-after storybook marriage year after year.

More Marriage Myths
Remember... none of these statements are true!

Beyond the Myth of Marital Happiness
This books states that the romantic notion of marriage has been a "noble and exciting experiment", but the approach has failed. The author offers suggestions on how couples and society can strengthen the vital institution of marriage.

A Wake Up Call?
Is your marriage in trouble because you believe in the myth of happily-ever after? A look at unrealistic expectations, why people marry, and how surrendering may be a solution for disillusionment in a relationship.

6 Misconceptions About Marriage
These persistent misconceptions about marriage may surprise you. Unfortunately, these misconceptions just won't go away.

All You Need is Love is a Myth
You need more than love to have a successful and long-lasting marriage. Don't believe in the myth of love is all you need.

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