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Name Change

One of the first things a new bride has to decide on is whether or not to change her name. She has lots of options these days.

Common Law Rule -- Name Change
Many states allow a person, including a child, to change his or her name by using the common law rule.

Name Change
Information and links about changing your name.

How to Legally Change Your Name
To change your name legally, quickly, and easily, follow the steps in this video.

Did You Change Your Name When You Married?
The decision to change your name, whether you are the bride or the groom, is one of the first decisions you'll make as a married person. There are many options available to couples when it comes to what names you'll use. Did you change your name when you married? Why did you make this decision?

Should You Change Your Name?
Automatically taking a husband's last name is no longer the case. Here are options to choose from in making the name change decision.

Who to Notify
If you decide to change your name after you get married, here are the places you need to contact about your name change.

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