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Honeymoon Hangover aka Honeymoon Blues


Honeymoon is Over
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Definition: Your honeymoon is a transition time that does not reflect the reality of your day to day married life. The day will come when you realize that the honeymoon is over.

A "honeymoon hangover" aka "honeymoon blues" is when you understand you can't meet your expectations that your life together will be continual romantic dinners, dancing into the wee hours of the night, luxury all around you, lots of love making, and 100% attention from one another.

This type of life style, a 24/7 honeymoon, can't continue for most couples because there are too many demands and distractions from real life. Here are ways to break out of the honeymoon blues.

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Also Known As: Honeymoon blues, post wedding blues, honeymoon is over

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