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Start Your Marriage on the Right Track


Getting married is the beginning of a wonderful journey. Here is information on how to get married and how to make sure that your life together is built on a strong foundation.
  1. Choose the Right Person to Marry
  2. The Perfect Proposal
  3. Tips for Engaged Couples
  1. Living Together Before Marriage
  2. Research Marriage License Laws
  3. Second Thoughts & Pre-Marriage Doubts

Choose the Right Person to Marry

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Sometimes love just isn't enough to ensure the success of a marriage. You can lower your odds for divorce by being selective in who you marry.

The Perfect Proposal

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You will never forget the moment you proposed. Proposals can be fun, touching, private, public, traditional, exciting, quiet, simple, elaborate, or complicated. Read our tips and suggestions to help make your marriage proposal wonderful, memorable, and right for the two of you.

Tips for Engaged Couples

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You have the wedding to plan and many decisions to make, but make time during your engagement to get to know one another more deeply and to plan your life together by talking about the big issues.

Living Together Before Marriage

Many couples assume that living together will give them a better chance at having a successful marriage. Statistics do not support that assumption. Here's information to help you make the decision about living together before you get married.

Research Marriage License Laws

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There are many hoops to jump through before you can be legally married. Find out more about license laws and other legal issues to make sure you’re on track.

Second Thoughts & Pre-Marriage Doubts

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Having second thoughts about getting married is normal, but if the doubts continue, listen to that inner voice. It is better to postpone or cancel a wedding than get married to the wrong person or for the wrong reasons.

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