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The Obama Marriage

The marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama provides an example of a marriage based on love, equality, respect, and friendship. Here's more information about the Obama marriage.

Barack and Michelle Obama Marriage Profile
Information about the political marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Michelle and Barack Obama PDA Moments From 2010-2011
These are a few pictures from 2010-2011 that reveal the closeness in Michelle and Barack Obama's marriage. The photos show Michelle and Barack Obama's closeness, squeezes, whispers, kisses, hugs, and other tender moments.

Barack and Michelle Obama PDA Moments
The more we read about the Obama marriage and the more photos we see of Barack and Michelle interacting with one another, the more we believe that they are for real in their love and respect for one another.

Raising the Bar on Marriage
The attractiveness of the marriage of Michelle and Barack Obama is due to their obvious affection, respect, love, and kindness for one another. Their marriage gives other married couples both challenge and hope.

Obama Marriage Poll
The love and respect that Michelle and Barack Obama show for one another is making news. Do you think the Obama marriage is a good role model for other married couples?

Michelle Obama's Work and Family Balance Choices
Timeline and profile of the work and family decisions Michelle Obama has made throughout her life.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story
A photo gallery tracing the courtship and marriage of Michelle and Barack Obama.

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