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Face it. We're not attracted to one another by what we like or eat or which movie we like best. Many times our differences bring us together. Here's a look at how opposites attract.
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Do Opposites Attract?
The old adage about opposites being attracted to one another may have some truth in it.

Marriage and Politics
Do you have problems in your marriage because the two of you disagree about political issues? Here is a look at how differing political opinions can impact your marriage.

Going to the Store
Communication is needed when the two of you have different approaches to how you handle everyday activities.

Politics Poll
Some couples find it difficult to accept one another's political views. How do the two of you handle political discussions?

Mixed-Diet Marriages
When a vegetarian and a meat eater fall in love and marry, their marriage isn't doomed. Although mixed diet issues can severely challenge such a relationship, here are some ways to cope with differing dietary choices. Cooking tips are included.

Top Opposites Attract Movies
Opposites do attract! If you've married someone who likes different music, food, politics, religion, lifestyle, etc, these movies may help you two find a way to cope with your differences.

More Opposites Attract Movies
Here are more opposites attract movies listed in chronological order.

Political Discussions and Your Marriage
Opposing political opinions can have a negative impact on several areas of your marriage relationship including how you spend your money and how you spend your time.

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