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Making Time for Sex as Parents

Keep Your Lust for One Another Alive


Photo Credit: © Sheri Stritof
Photo Credit: © Sheri Stritof
Yes. Feeling lust for your spouse is healthy, normal, and fun! Parents should be lovers!

Scheduling Time for Sex

Once the two of you are three or more, then sex and lust may become less and less spontaneous. In order to keep your sexual intimacy active, you may have to schedule your spontaneous sex.

That doesn't mean sex won't be just as enjoyable. It just means that you have to be a bit more practical.

Are there other couples that you could swap "date nights" with? They watch your kids one night for a sleepover, and you watch their kids another night.

Quality time alone is critical for your marriage to stay healthy and happy.

Rekindle Intimacy in Your Marriage

Quality time isn't just about having sex either.
Quality time is the walk around the block, it's going to a movie together, it's a dinner out just for the two of you, it's going together to a museum, a book store, or an art gallery, or taking a hike, flirting with each other, and more.

You know what rekindles intimacy between the two of you. Don't let it fade away because you have children in your lives.

Intimacy as a Gift for Your Children

It is very important for you to still be romantic around the kids.

Children love seeing their parents hugging, kissing, pinching, patting, squeezing, flirting, and smiling at one another. Let them see the love the two of you have for one another.

Being intimate with your spouse is the greatest gift you can give to your kids. It is a gift they will never forget and that will positively impact their own relationships as adults.

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