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Philippine Marriage License Information

Getting married in The Republic of The Philippines requires attending marriage education classes. Depending on your age, you may be required to obtain parental advice as well as parental consent.

Getting Married in The Republic of The Philippines
If you assume that getting married in The Philippines is an easy process, you are mistaken. There are quite a few hoops to jump through to get married in the Philippines. Don't let the marriage license laws of The Republic of The Philippines put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Republic of The Philippines marriage license.

Marriage in the Philippines
The official Website of The Republic of The Philippines provides information about getting married there.

Family Code of the Philippines
Here is the amended Family Code of the Philippines.

Love and Marriage ... And Immigration
Provided by the U.S. Embassy in Manila, this is a practical guide to immigration for Filipinos hoping to immigrate to the U.S. The difference between an IR-1 and a K-1 visa is explained as well as the procedures for obtaining the visas.

Philippines National Statistics Office
FAQ on the Civil Registration procedures in the Philippines.

The Law of Marriage in the Philippines around 1900
Background information about the history of marriages in the Philippines.

Marriage of American Citizens in the Philippines
The Embassy of the U.S. in Manila provides information on the marriage application process, requirements for U.S. military personnel, U.S. Immigration, and the certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage.

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