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Children and Grandchildren of Patricia and Peter Lawford

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Peter and Patricia had one son and three daughters. They had ten grandchildren.

  • Christopher Kennedy Lawford: Born in 1955 in Santa Monica, California.

    Christopher and Jeannie met in Boston while Christopher was a law student. Christopher married Jeannie Olsson on November 17, 1984 in Bequia, West Indies. They divorced in 2000.

  • Their three children are:

    • David Christopher Kennedy Lawford: Born in 1987.

    • Savannah Rose Lawford: Born in 1990.

    • Matthew Peter Valentine Lawford: Born in 1995.

    Christopher is a lawyer, actor, producer, and author of Symptoms of Withdrawal. He lives in New York.

  • Sydney Maleia Kennedy Lawford: Born in 1956 in Santa Monica, California.

    When she was 27 years old, she married James Peter McKelvy on September 17, 1983 in the our Lady of Victory church, a little white church, in Centerville, Cape Cod near Hyannis Port, Massachusetts where the Kennedy family home is located.

  • Sydney's wedding dress was designed by Jean-Louis Scherrer and was "a billowy, appliqued lace dress with puff sleeves." She had twelve bridesmaids in blue dresses with white lace tops. The reception was held at the Kennedy compound.

    Sydney has worked as a model, and a marketing and advertising assistant. James owned a video production company.

    She and James have four children and live in Washington.

    • James Peter McKelvy Jr: Born in 1985.

    • Christopher Kennedy McKelvy: Born in 1987.

    • Patrick Ryon McKelvy: Born in 1989.

    • Anthony Lawford McKelvy: Born in 1992.

  • Victoria Francis Lawford: Born in 1958 in Santa Monica, California.

    On June 13, 1987 in Southampton, New York, at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Church, Victoria married attorney Robert Beebe Pender, Jr. Victoria wore a fitted lace wedding gown with a five-foot train.

  • Their wedding reception was held at Patricia's Southampton home.

    They have three children and live in Washington.

    • Alexandra Lawford Pender: Born in 1988.

    • Caroline Patricia Pender: Born in 1990.

    • Victoria Rose Pender: Born in 1993.

  • Robin Elizabeth Lawford: Born in 1961 in Santa Monica, California. Robin is a marine biologist and lives in New York.

Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford Marriage Profile

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