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Victoria Reggie and Ted Kennedy Marriage Profile


Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh / Getty Images

Edward Kennedy and Victoria Reggie in Washington, D.C., October 21, 2004.

Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh / Getty Images

Ted and Vicki Kennedy have blended their lives and their families into a successful marriage. Here is information about how Ted and Victoria met, their courtship, wedding, and more.


Ted Kennedy aka Edward Moore Kennedy: February 22, 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Victoria Anne Reggie: February 26, 1954 in Crowley, Louisiana.


Ted: Sen. Edward Kennedy died at the age of 77 on August 25, 2009 at his home in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. Kennedy had fought a long battle with brain cancer. He was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in May 2008.
"Kennedy's doctors said in a statement that Kennedy underwent a preliminary brain biopsy that showed a malignant glioma in Kennedy's left parietal lobe of the brain.
Source: Lisa Fayed, "Sen. Ted Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor", Cancer.about.com, 5/20/2008.

How and When Vicki and Ted Met:

Ted and Vicki's families were friends for many years. Ted doesn't remember their first meeting when Vicki was a summer intern in his Senate office's mailroom. Vicki and Ted began dating after they reconnected on June 17, 1991 at a party celebrating her parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

Ted and Vicki's Courtship:

Ted proposed at a performance of "La Boheme" on January 14, 1992 at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Laura Blumenfeld on their courtship: "Kennedy sent Reggie hundreds of rose bouquets and spring flowers. He calls her constantly and sends love notes. He takes her sailing. Treats her to dinners and shows at the Kennedy Center. Includes her friends and respects her opinions. He plays tennis with her son, Curran, and colors on the floor with Caroline. He reads them to sleep. Took them trick or treating on Halloween."
Source: Laura Blumenfeld, "Victoria Reggie, Ready for Teddy; Her Friends and Family Agree. She's Perfect for Him", The Washington Post, 3/20/1992, page b.01.

"Kennedy has been quietly a-courtin' Reggie since June with flowers, twice-daily phone calls, dates to the theater and Redskins games and, last summer, sailing vacations in the waters off Hyannis Port. His present to her for Christmas: a personal trainer. The first public viewing of the relationship came last month, at the Massachusetts Senator's 60th birthday party at his home in McLean, Va. A bit of the famous Kennedy rakishness was on display as well; he was dressed as Rhett Butler, she as Scarlett O'Hara. "They radiated happiness," says Washington attorney Lee Fentress, an old Kennedy friend. "He's in great shape, working very hard and very much in love."
Source: Tom Gliatto, Sarah Skolnik, Charlotte Hays, "Time to Marry? Right, Said Ted", People Weekly, 3/30/1992, page 38.

Ted announcing their engagement: "I've known her for many years. We began dating last June, and she has brought enormous happiness into my life. I look forward to our marriage and our life together."
Source: Charles Trueheart, "Kennedy Announces Plans to Wed Washington Lawyer", The Washington Post company, 3/15/1992, page a.05.

Wedding Date:

Ted and Vicki were married on July 3, 1992 in a private civil ceremony in Ted's home in McLean, Virginia. They had about 30 relatives at the wedding. Vicki and Ted had a brief honeymoon in Vermont.

Vicki about Ted's wedding gift to her: "As a wedding present, Kennedy painted her a portrait of daffodils - an oil painting he said that took about four hours to complete. "We were reading the William Wordsworth poem "Daffodils' and the last two lines are: "And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils,' and it was so wonderful and romantic and Ted said that he wanted to paint me a picture of daffodils and he did."
Source: Pat Erickson, "A Conversation with the Kennedys", Telegram & Gazette, 9/8/1992, page C.1.


Ted had three children:
  • Kara Ann Kennedy Allen: A news producer, Kara was born in 1960. Her mother is Joan Kennedy. Kara and her husband Michael Allen were married in 1990. Kara died on September 16, 2011.
  • Edward Moore Kennedy, Jr: An attorney, Edward was born in 1961. His mother is Joan Kennedy. Edward and his wife Katherine Gershman were married in 1993 on Block Island, Rhode Island.
  • Patrick Joseph Kennedy: A U.S. Congressman, Patrick was born in 1967. His mother is Joan Kennedy.

Vicki has two children:

  • Curran Raclin: Born in 1983. His father is Grier Raclin.
  • Caroline Raclin: Born in 1985. Her father is Grier Raclin.


Ted: U.S. Senator, attorney, author.

Vickie: Attorney.


Ted and Victoria had homes in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts and in McLean, Virginia.

Quotes About Ted and Victoria's Marriage:

Vicki about marrying Ted: "I started to realize more and more that this man was very important in my life ... I just thought of marrying the man I was in love with and the family I had known. I didn't think beyond that."
Source: Fox Butterfield, "Ted and Vicki Kennedy; Crossed Paths, A Second Chance", NYTimes.com, 10/01/1992.

Ted about marriage to Vicki: "I don't think there's any question that my relationship with Vicki has had a very profound, welcome, happy impact on my life."
Source: Jon Marcus, "A Placid Ted Kennedy Settles Into Life as a Husband, Father, Family Man", Los Angeles Times, 11/8/1992, page 10.

Ted about Vicki: "In politics, as in life and love, a lot depends on being in the right place at the right time ... That's certainly what's happened to me."
Source: Adam Clymer, "After 3 Decades Working in Senate, Kennedy Gets a Turn for His Agenda", NYTimes.com, 3/8/1993.

Ted about his life with Vicki: "First of all, our love, is something very deep, unexpected, but something very powerful and meaningful to me and Vicki and to her children and something that has given me a great sense of stability and emotional security and a great deal of joy and happiness.
Source: Pat Erickson, "A Conversation with the Kennedys", Telegram & Gazette, 9/8/1992, page C.1.

Ted introducing Vicki: "I want you to meet the love of my life -- Victoria Reggie Kennedy!"
Source: Sara Rimer, "Kennedy's Wife is Giving Him a Political Advantage in a Difficult Contest", NYTimes.com, 9/24/1994.

Victoria Reggie and Ted Kennedy Previous Marriages

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