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Anita Thigpen and Rick Perry Marriage Profile


Rick and Anita Perry

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry embraces his wife Anita at the Victory Texas and Republican Party of Texas election night watch party at the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch on November 2, 2010 in Buda, Texas.

Photo: Ben Sklar / Getty Images
Although they first met in elementary school, Rick and Anita Perry didn't have their first date until they were in high school. Then it took another 16 years for them to get married.


James Richard "Rick" Perry: March 4, 1950 in Paint Creek, Texas.

Mary Anita Thigpen: May 5, 1952 in Haskell, Texas.

How Anita and Rick Met:

Rick and Anita met one another at a piano recital when they were both in elementary school.
Anita: "Probably the first time I saw him ... I always knew in my heart he was the one."
Source: Polly Ross Hughes. "Candidates Enjoy Strong Support at Home." Chron.com. 11/04/2006.
Anita about their first date on September 9, 1966: "It wasn't a good date. Memorable, yes."
Source: Christy Hoppe. "Anita Perry, a No-nonsense Nurse, Overcomes Shyness in Signing On to Win Votes For Her Husband." DallasNews.com. 9/26/2010.

Wedding Date:

Anita and Rick were married on November 6, 1982 in Haskell County in Texas. Anita and Rick Perry Wedding Photo


Rick and Anita have two children.
  • Griffin Perry: He was born in 1983.
  • Sydney Perry: She was born in 1986.


Rick: Republican Presidential Candidate, author, 47th Governor of Texas since 2000, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, farmer, five years in U.S. Air Force.

Anita: Nurse.


West Austin, Texas.

Quotes About the Marriage of Rick and Anita Perry:

Rick: "... none of my political or philosophical pursuits would have been possible without my wife, Anita, encouraging me and standing by my side."
Source: Rick Perry. Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America From Washington. 2010. pg. 189.

Rick: "Anita and I hadn't been married even two years, and I was getting ready to propose I spend a lot of time away from her and our newborn son Griffin. We didn't have the luxury of a drawn-out discussion over weeks and months. It was time either to jump in impulsively, or pass. One factor: I was getting restless with life on the farm. Anita saw how much I wanted to do this. After all, she knew what Perrys did: they ran for office."
Source: Rick Perry. On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For. 2008. pg. 23.

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