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Annie and Stanley McChrystal Marriage Profile


Annie and Stanley McChrystal

Stanley McChrystal and his wife Annie listen during an event to launch Joining Forces, a national initiative to support and honor American's service members and their families, April 12, 2011 in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC.

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Throughout their marriage, Annie and Stanley McChrystal dealt with being apart from one another for extended periods of time. Here is information about their military marriage.


Stanley Allen McChrystal: August 14, 1954.


How Annie and Stanley Met:

Stanley and Annie started dating in 1973 while Stanley was at West Point.
Michael Hastings: "The troublemaking almost got him [Stanley McChrystal] kicked out [of West Point], and he spent hours subjected to forced marches in the Area, a paved courtyard where unruly cadets were disciplined. "I'd come visit, and I'd end up spending most of my time in the library, while Stan was in the Area," recalls Annie, who began dating McChrystal in 1973."
Source: Michael Hastings. "The Runaway General." RollingStone.com. 6/22/2010.

Wedding Date:

Michael Hastings mentioned in his Rolling Stone article that the night after giving a speech in Paris, Stanley and Annie celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Since his speech in Paris to the Ecole Militaire was on April 16, 2010, we assume Annie and Stanley were married on April 17, 1977.


Annie and Stanley have one grown son.


Stanley: After his July 2010 retirement from the military, McChrystal lectured on leadership at Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. McChrystal is also involved with a consulting group, The McChrystal Group. He was a General in U.S. Army, Commander ISAF and of US Forces in Afghanistan from June 15, 2009 to June 23, 2010.


Quotes About the Marriage of Stanley and Annie McChrystal:

Michael Hastings: "The night after his speech in Paris, McChrystal and his staff head to Kitty O'Shea's, an Irish pub catering to tourists, around the corner from the hotel. His wife, Annie, has joined him for a rare visit: Since the Iraq War began in 2003, she has seen her husband less than 30 days a year. Though it is his and Annie's 33rd wedding anniversary, McChrystal has invited his inner circle along for dinner and drinks at the "least Gucci" place his staff could find. His wife isn't surprised. "He once took me to a Jack in the Box when I was dressed in formal wear," she says with a laugh."
Source: Michael Hastings. "The Runaway General." RollingStone.com. 6/22/2010.

Evan Thomas: "Along the way, "I became kind of an ascetic," says McChrystal. "I got fat as a lieutenant, so I started jogging and eating one meal a day, and it just worked for me." His wife, Annie, whom he married out of West Point and with whom he has a son (who chose not to become a soldier), scoffs at the suggestion that her husband is some sort of spiritual samurai, and says he just doesn't like the drowsy feeling he gets after eating a big meal. She also laughs about the fact that he has seen the raunchy NASCAR spoof Talladega Nights so many times, he can recite the lines (he can do the same for Monty Python and the Holy Grail)."
Source: Evan Thomas with John Barry and Suzanne Smalley. "McChrystal's War." Newsweek. 10/05/2009. pg. 28.

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