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Debbie and John Boehner Marriage Profile


Here's information about the marriage of John and Debbie Boehner.


John Andrew Boehner: November 17, 1949 in Reading, Ohio.

Deborah (Debbie) L. Gunlack: Abt. 1950.

How and When John and Debbie Met:

Debbie and John met in 1972 when they both worked at Marion Merrell Dow plant in Reading, Ohio. John was a janitor at the time and was cleaning up around Deborah's desk. She worked in the accounting department.

Wedding Date:

John and Debbie were married on September 14, 1973 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Source: Ohio Marriage Index, 1970 and 1972-2007. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, 2008 per Ancestry.com.


John and Debbie have two daughters.
  • Lindsay M. Boehner:
  • Tricia A. Boehner:


John: U.S. Congressman from Ohio since 1991, state representative, businessman, consultant.

Debbie: Real estate professional, part-time cashier at Delhi Flower and Garden Center.


John: Catholic.


Deborah and John have a home in West Chester, Ohio which is a suburb of Cincinnati. Deborah will continue to reside there and will not move to Washington, D.C.

Quotes About the Marriage of Debbie and John Boehner:

Debbie: “His job is to do this job, and I’m just going to do whatever I can to stay out of the way ... I just live the life at home that he would be living if he was there.”
Source: Ashley Parker. "Speaker's Wife Emphasizes 'Normal, Average' Life." NYTimes.com. 01/06/2011.

Eric Bradley: "Smitten with Gunlack, Boehner decided he should improve his standing in life to help win her affections, his brother said, so he went to Xavier."
Source: Eric Bradley. "John Boehner's Rise: Humble Beginnings to Third in Line." Cincinnati.com. 10/4/2010.

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