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Marriage of Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju


Now that we know the leader of North Korea is married, we would like to know more about her than just her name. However, since the marriage of Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju was announced, few details emerged about the couple's mysterious wedding or about Kim's first lady.

News Updates:

3/5/2013: "North Korean authorities may have either induced Ri to go into labor at the end of last year or have her child through caesarean section in order to bear a child in 2012, which marks 100 years since founder Kim Il-sung's birth."
Source: Hilary Moss. "Dennis Rodman Probably Met Ri Sol-ju's Baby." NYMag.com. 3/5/2013.

1/03/2013: Although rumors persist that Ri Sol Ju have birth in late December, "There has been no official word from Pyongyang."

Photos of North Korea's First Lady, Ri Sol-ju


Kim Jong-un aka Kim Jung-eun: January 8, 1983 or 1984 in Pyongyan, North Korea.

Ri Sol-ju: Abt. 1985.

Wedding Date:

Kim Jon-un and Ri Sol-ju were reportedly married in 2009.


Although officially unconfirmed, there are media reports that Ri Sol-ju and Kim Jon-un are the parents of a daughter born in 2010. Dennis Rodman released her reported name, Ju-ae, in September 2013.


Kim Jong-un: Supreme leader of North Korea.

Ri Sol-ju: Some reports list Ri Sol-ju as a singer.

Ju-min Park: "South Korea's Yonhap News Agency said she had been a member of a troupe of performance artists and had received etiquette training for about six months before taking on the role of first lady, quoting a source familiar with the state's inner workings."
Source: Ju-min Park. "North Korea confirms mystery woman is leader's wife." Reuters.com. 7/25/2012.

Quotes About the Marriage of Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju:

Dan Amira: "Steve Herman of Voice of America is reporting on Twitter that Kim Jong Un is married to someone named Ri Sol Ju, and he has an actual credible source: official North Korean state media."
Source: Dan Amira. "Kim Jong-Un's Wife, Ri Sol Ju, Is Not the 'Excellent Horse-Like Lady' Lady." NYMag.com. 7/25/2012.

Lucy Williamson: "Two things about these sightings were noteworthy: her western-style clothes and haircut, which prompted many here in the South to speculate on the Kim Jong-un's attitude and influences. The other was the fact that the leader's consort appeared in public like this at all - not standard practice for either of North Korea's two previous rulers."
Source: "Analysis." BBC.co.uk. 7/25/2012.

BBC: "Ms Ri is believed to have married Mr Kim in 2009 and given birth to a child the following year, analyst Cheong Seong-chang told the South Korean Korea Times newspaper. "The late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il arranged his youngest son's marriage in a hurry after suffering a stroke in 2008,'" Mr Cheong said. Ms Ri studied science and is from an upper-class family, her father being a professor and her mother an obstetrician, he added."
Source: "North Korea leader Kim Jong-un Married to Ri Sol-ju." BBC.co.uk. 7/25/2012.

Chico Harlan: "North Korean state media disclosed Wednesday that leader Kim Jong Eun is married, a startling announcement in a country that has long kept its first ladies nearly invisible ... The emergence of a first lady ends a four-decade period in which significant others of the ruling Kim family were kept almost entirely behind the scenes."
Source: Chico Harlan. "North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun is married, government confirms." WashingtonPost.com. 7/25/2012.

Koh Yoo Hwan: "Kim Jong Un got a Western education, so he might have gotten the idea of [a] first lady” there, Koh said. "Since he will be in power for long, he may have decided that revealing his spouse is better than hiding them like his father did. Kim Jong Un's mother wasn't exposed in public during his father's rule, so he might have felt resentful for that. His mother died early in his life, and he may feel relieved to have his spouse next to him."
Source: David Pierson. "North Korea reveals leader Kim Jong Un is married." LATimes.com. 7/25/2012.

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